What is We Buy Black? is the largest online marketplace where Black owned businesses may create a shop and sell their products to the world. Our goal is to help circulate majority of our 1.3 trillion dollar spending power within our own community.

What can we expect? 
The Inaugural We Buy Black Convention will be like no other! It's time we clearly identify and #remove our dollars from products and services that disrespect and devalue our community, #replace them with reputable and amazing Black owned brands, and #rebuild the life and community we want to see. The theme for our Inaugural convention is Remove, Replace, and Rebuild: Our Struggle For Collective Economic Dignity. Here are some highlights of the convention: 

  • The Marketplace: 100+ Dynamic Black owned businesses
  • Live Concert Featuring Neo-soul recording artist Bilal and other special artist
  • Fashion show hosted by co-founders of FUBU
  • Business Workshops: 16 Classes, 2 days, courses from business moguls
  • Main Stage panel discussions with top business moguls and leading experts
  • B2B Speed Consulting: Recieve FREE advice and consultation from professionals at our B2B speed consulting hosted by HBCU Wall Street

Why should we support? Currently in America, Black people have the highest rates of poverty, of homelessness, of joblessness, of crime, and imprisonment. However, Black people spend more money than any other ethnic group, with an annual purchasing power of $1.3 Trillion. Of all these funds, less than 2% is spent within the Black community. Every ethnic community in America has managed to keep their money circulating among themselves for days and weeks, yet the Black dollars is reported to leave our community within 6 hours. Furthermore, those businesses that we spend our dollars with have historically and more recently direspected and devalued our patronage. Our goal with the We Buy Black movement is to ensure our dollars circulate at the rate equal or better than all other ethnic communities here in America, and to also ensure our future generations have a decent life and well-being. 

Final Comments: This weekend is packed with human excellence and we need all our supporters to show up and show out! If you are serious about supporting the Black community and ensuring that our next generations are set on an equal playing field with the world, the We Buy Black Convention is a "MUST ATTEND" event for you.

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November 15, 2018 at 9:00am - November 16, 2018